“I’m a mental-health practitioner from Pennsylvania and I travel to Reneé’s office weekly to work on my own issues.  Her multi-faceted professional background is a rare combination of a physical, mental, and spiritual approach… and addresses my issues with all their deep connections that very well might have been hidden from me had I not been helped so much by Reneé….” -L.S.

Photography by Michael Temchine

“Often we live our lives with a lack of foresight. Our days consist of things we think we should be doing. At some point, the walls begin to erode. The things we have built our life on, become unstable. We suffer. I was suffering when I found Reneé. I thought I was doing everything I was ‘supposed’ to be doing, yet I was overwhelmed with anxiety. I can’t possibly explain in a few words how she helped me or what she did. But I can tell you, it changed my life. Her words are with me even now, years later, reminding me of how to be true to myself. Is my life perfect now? No. But I have the tools to cope with it most of the time. She was gentle, persistent, honest and so insightful. I really believe God led me to her to help me heal. Through our counseling, I realized there were many things I was ignoring in my life that caused me much pain. I also realized I didn’t have to be perfect. It is unclear about how we lie to ourselves and suffer from things we do not deal with. Reneé helped me deal with it over time. It was gentle guidance. It wasn’t about her opinions of what I should do, but what would be best for me and how I can become empowered to live my own life. The relationship with her was a gift. I will forever be thankful for the freedom and foresight I now have as a result of her good work. Her ability to help me is not something I hear of often. I hear of people disenchanted with their counselors. If you can just make decision to walk through her door, I can guarantee that you will begin the transformation of healing, for she is a true healer.” C. S.      

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