Coaching with a spiritual twist

Would you like to:

  • Feel vibrant and have more good feelings about yourself?
  • Feel more comfort during times when you are alone with yourself?
  • Feel happy with the way that you are eating, moving (not just exercising), while connecting with a sense of something greater than yourself?

I am an Integrative Health and Life Purpose Coach who wants to help you like who you are when you are alone with your “self.”  Through attention to the nourishment of YOU in the areas of nutrition, body movement, emotional and spiritual attunement, you can awaken to yourself.

Our work together is life changing.

I, Reneé, am an expert journeyer.   My “travels” as an advanced practice nurse-psychotherapist (CNS), and having a certificate as a Nondual Kabbalistic Healer (NKH) and Spiritual Director add a dimension that is unparalleled in my ability to be present, compassionate, and genuine in the work that I do with people.  For those who are highly sensitive (HSP), I provide a pacing that is congruent with your sensitivity while being supportive of changes.  As your coach, I’ve “got your back.”

Sometimes we find ourselves on unsure footing as we get older.  Life circumstances such as having children, changing jobs, becoming an empty nester, a divorce, or the death of a loved one can cause us to lose our footing.   Just because we are alone does not mean that we have to feel lonely.  Coaching can help people to feel at peace with themselves again so that they can become the most amazing version of themselves in every area of their life.  I help people to get in touch with who they are so that they truly like the company that they keep when alone with themselves.


Photography by Michael Temchine

Reneé C. Feller, MS, APRN/PMH, Holistic Health and Professional Life Coach
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