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“You Have the Strength
Before the soul descends into a body it is provided with the strength to overcome the tests and challenges of this world. Just knowing this allows us to draw upon the hidden resources we otherwise fail to recognize.” – Rabbi Laibl Wolf

Reneé C. Feller, MS, APRN/PMH, is a psychotherapist, spiritual advisor, and Integrated Kabbalistic Healer (IKH). She blends an understanding of psychotherapy with the healing practices of spiritual direction in her work with adults. IKH adds a deeper dimension in her work with people. Reneé has over 17 years of experience as a nurse-psychotherapist in private practice, holding MS degrees in nursing and psychology. She understands the blend of psychological issues, physical ailments, medications, and spiritual issues. In addition, Reneé’s nursing background helps her to be an advocate for her patients, when necessary, in their working with the health care system and gaining an understanding of physical disorders that are presenting. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist she held positions as a staff nurse in psychiatric areas, labor and delivery, nursery, post-partum, and as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Past work also includes working with faith communities and being the coordinator of volunteers who worked with prisoners to help them to increase their faith-based resources.

Photography by Michael Temchine

Reneé is Certified in EMDR, a specialized psychotherapy modality that is helpful in the resolution of emotional trauma, anxiety disorders (such as PTSD), and depression along with other areas of psychological difficulties. She has also earned a certificate as an Integrated Kabbalistic Healer from A Society of Souls. In addition, Reneé earned a certificate as a Jewish Spiritual Director from Lev Shomea. She has been a presenter at numerous workshops: blending psychotherapy, good health, and spirituality; stress management; promotion of good self-care; and soul tending.

Psychotherapy, Spiritual Guidance, and Kabbalistic Healing Sessions:
Sessions can be scheduled in-person or on the telephone for those living at a distance.
Medicare Insurance Accepted for in-office visits.
Spiritual Guidance and Integrated Kabbalistic Healing are not psychotherapy modalities and are not reimbursable by insurance.

Public Speaking:
She is available to speak at workshops and programs about integrating spirituality with psychotherapy, integrating spirituality and health care, nurturing of the self, stress management, meditation/relaxation, finding spirituality in the day-to-day, soul tending, and related topics. Reneé has also led labyrinth walks.

“I’m a mental-health practitioner from Pennsylvania and I travel to Reneé’s office weekly to work on my own issues.  Her multi-faceted professional background is a rare combination of a physical, mental, and spiritual approach… and addresses my issues with all their deep connections that very well might have been hidden from me had I not been helped so much by Reneé….” -L.S.

“Often we live our lives with a lack of foresight. Our days consist of things we think we should be doing. At some point, the walls begin to erode. The things we have built our life on, become unstable. We suffer. I was suffering when I found Reneé. I thought I was doing everything I was ‘supposed’ to be doing, yet I was overwhelmed with anxiety. I can’t possibly explain in a few words how she helped me or what she did. But I can tell you, it changed my life. Her words are with me even now, years later, reminding me of how to be true to myself. Is my life perfect now? No. But I have the tools to cope with it most of the time. She was gentle, persistent, honest and so insightful. I really believe God led me to her to help me heal. Through our counseling, I realized there were many many things I was ignoring in my life that caused me much pain. I also realized I didn’t have to be perfect. It is unclear about how we lie to ourselves and suffer from things we do not deal with. Reneé helped me deal with it over time. It was gentle guidance. It wasn’t about her opinions of what I should do, but what would be best for me and how I can become empowered to live my own life.

The relationship with her was a gift. I will forever be thankful for the freedom and foresight I now have as a result of her good work. Her ability to help me is not something I hear of often. I hear of people disenchanted with their counselors. If you can just make decision to walk through her door, I can guarantee that you will begin the transformation of healing, for she is a true healer.” – C. S.


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